Kurosawa Soundtrack Set Released on Vinyl, A Piece Of Geek Heaven If You Can Find A Copy

This is by far the coolest story I’ve ever had the chance to write up.

According to Exclaim, DOXY Records released, last month, a new, four LP vinyl box set, of soundtracks from the films of none other than the great auteur himself, Akira Kurosawa. The box includes soundtracks to Rashomon, Ikiru, Seven Samurai, Record Of A Living Being/I Live In Fear, Throne of Blood, and The Hidden Fortress.

The films were all scored by composers Fumio Hayasaka and Masaru Sato, and will all come in the form of a massive four LP set, with a gatefold sleeve that comes with full color artwork. Personally, I don’t know a more amazing music release than this.

While his films as a whole are obviously some of the most amazing pieces of cinema ever to hit the screen, but something that tends to get a little glossed over are the stunning scores that are featured in his films. The scores are able to not only fit the films that they are being paired with, but they are also genuinely moving pieces of music. As a former highschool band student, I tend to focus a lot on the score of a film, and all of these are some of the best that I’ve ever heard.

The set is available on Amazon for $74.99 (it is currently out of stock)

Source: Exclaim / Boomkat / Factmag

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