LA County Museum Of Art Holding Terrence Malick Retrospective Leading Up To Tree Of Life

Are you a fan of Terrence Malick? Looking to revisit his films prior to the release of his hotly anticipated The Tree Of Life?   Well, if you live in Los Angeles County, the LA County Museum Of Art is set to make your dreams come true.

The LA Times is reporting that the museum will be holding a retrospective of Malick’s career, with screenings of all of his four previous films, leading up to Tree Of Life.

A list of the film screenings:

May 12 7:30 PM Badlands
May 13 7:30 PM The Thin Red Line
May 14 7:30 PM Days of Heaven
May 20 7:30 PM The New World

Entitled ‘The Elemental Cinema Of Terrence Malick,’ the program will feature screenings of Badlands, The Thin Red Line and Days Of Heaven on successive days starting on May 12 (the start of the Cannes Film Festival), with The New World screening a week later on May 20.   There will also be collaborators from the films in attendance, although Malick himself will likely not attend.

As a fan of Terrence Malick, there is little that I wouldn’t do to be able to see his films on the big screen, so this sounds like a dream come true.   Luckily, we’ll all have the chance to see Malick’s work on the big screen when Tree Of Life hits in just a few weeks.

From the LACMA Page: 

Special guests‘”Each screening in the series will include a Q&A with a Malick collaborator: actors Sissy Spacek and Jim Caviezel, Oscar-nominated production designer and longtime Malick associate Jack Fisk, and Oscar-nominated costume designer Jacqueline West.

Source: LA Times

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