Lars Von Trier Shooting Two Versions Of ‘Nymphomaniac’; Will Release Each In Two Parts

One Lars Von Trier has never steered away from controversy, and with his next film, we may in fact be getting double the dose. Or if you want to get technical, four times it.

That’s right, not only is Von Trier shooting a soft and hardcore version of his upcoming, oft described as porn, picture, Nymphomaniac, but Vulture is   reporting that he’ll be releasing the film, and both of its edits, in two respective parts.

Here’s the deal. Both cuts will be shot at the same time, and formatted as one film, but will then be broken up into two parts. Charlotte Gainsbourg stars, and the picture will follow a woman’s erotic life from birth, to the age of 50.

Personally, this doesn’t change a damn thing, only how many times Lars Von Trier will be getting my money.   This piece sounds insanely interesting, and Von Trier is far and away one of my favorite auteurs. An uncompromising director to say the least, this will likely be his most intense feature, and I have no expectations other than this being the best film of his career.

What do you think?

Source Vulture

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