Lee Kline Confirms Brazil Blu-ray Coming From Criterion

Mistakes? We don’t make mistakes.

With a presentation of the restoration of  Heaven’s Gate  at The Reel Thing this weekend, Lee Kline (Technical Director for The Criterion Collection) was asked about what the company has coming down the pipeline, and while according to those in attendance who spoke out about it over on CriterionForum  he revealed mostly already announced releases, there is one in particular that light the internet ablaze.

Over the past couple of years, one film has been seemingly requested for a Blu-grade more than most, at least films that aren’t from directors with the last name Kurosawa or Ozu. Terry Gilliam’s  Brazil  has always been thought of as perfect fodder for a Blu-ray upgrade, and with a less than superb Blu-ray hitting via Universal, the requests for an upgrade have been repeated over and over again. And they apparently haven’t fallen on deaf ears. Kline revealed that yes, a Blu-ray of Gilliam’s masterpiece is indeed in the works, and while no release date had been hinted at, all one needs to hear is that it is actually on its way. Here’s what the forum post had to say:

Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, but after his presentation on THE REEL THING on the restoration of HEAVEN’S GATE, Lee Kline was asked about upcoming projects. He mentioned some titles that have already been announced, then mentioned that they’re working on BRAZIL (presumably for Blu-ray).

This isn’t the first time a Criterion Blu-ray has been rumored. Best Buy, rumor has it, looked to have an exclusive release of a Criterion Blu-ray for the film for a window of time, prior to a wide release, but was ultimately turned down. It’s interesting to see that it has been talked about for some time, but is just now being worked on officially.

Personally, I can’t wait. I think this is easily Gilliam’s best film, and with Criterion’s appreciation for the film being proven in one of the company’s biggest releases (at least for one singular entity, not an entire box set release of films), this is obviously one that the company deeply loves. With such a brilliantly visual film comes the perfect type of picture to show off a really top notch transfer, and this is one of the most stunning films from a director who makes only the most inventive of features. More on this, and the films that were discussed at the event as they are revealed.

Source CriterionForum

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