Lena Dunham Grabs Another HBO Series To Call Her Own


Say what you will about director/actress/writer/all around bad ass Lena Dunham, the woman has pull, and with her HBO series Girls blowing up with the public and critics alike, her name is becoming enough to get a lot of things off the ground.

HBO will be re-teaming with the producer and her right hand Girls teammate Jenni Konner on a new series that will be based on the memoir of Betty Halbreich. Halbreich is known for the Bergdof-based personal shopping service she runs, and has run since 1976.

The network has optioned her memoir, “All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go,” and sounds like a rather interesting option for a show. The icon has spent years working with rich and famous people, and has even worked in TV and film, ranging from Sex And The City to early Woody Allen films. I have been a huge fan of Dunham’s since I first saw Tiny Furniture, and while I’m bummed she’s not working on a new feature film, the fact that she’s taking on a show like this is extremely exciting.

Source Deadline

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