Lucy Alibar Writing The Secret Garden For Producer Guillermo Del Toro


Sure, Guillermo del Toro can take on more projects, why not?

Deadline reports that the great bearded one is set to head to Universal to produce an adaptation of Frances Hodgson’s Burnett’s “The Secret Garden,” with Beasts Of The Southern Wild scribe Lucy Alibar aboard to pen the picture.

One of the more historic adaptations in the film world, versions date all the way back to 1919, and this will be co-produced by del Toro and Mark Johnson. It follows the story of an orphaned girl who finds a magical garden in the south at the turn of the 20th Century.

It’s definitely an intriguing sounding project, one that seems rather close to Alibar as a writer, and one that I can’t wait to see hit the big screen. As a producer, del Toro’s output has been rather underwhelming, but I can’t help but think of this as just the right type of project to get him back on his feet as a leader of projects.

Source Deadline