Martin Scorsese And Mick Jagger’s Music Project Moving Forward At HBO

There are dream teams, and then there is the pairing of Mick Jagger and director Martin Scorsese.

The pair have been friends for what seems like a millennium, and have long been working on a collaboration, that finally has found some footing.

THR is reporting that the pair have finally found a home for their project in HBO, who have been involved with it for quite some time, but have decided to move forward, as writer Terence Winter has handed in what appears to be a crackerjack bit of writing. The film, known at this point as History Of Music finds Scorsese aboard to direct, with his Boardwalk Empire scribe penning.

The hour long project would follow a music executive in 1977, right in the middle of the music world which saw punk, hip-hop, disco and new wave all encompassing the world sonically.   With Scorsese involved, expect a ton of music, and some big names looking to get involved. This was the year that Elvis died, and this was also the year that the Sex Pistols released Never Mind The Bollocks. It’s that kind of dichotomy that will play the back drop to this drama.   Count me in. There isn’t a single filmmaker better at blending music and narrative than Scorsese, so this piece has the potential to be something hugely special.   Sky’s the limit on this sucker.

What do you think?

Source THR

Joshua Brunsting

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