Michael Cimino Eyes A New Project To Shoot Digitally

It has been an interesting back end of 2012 for one Michael Cimino. With a new restoration of his iconic and much maligned epic Heaven’s Gate not only premiering at this year’s Venice Film Festival but set to make its way to home video via The Criterion Collection, the reclusive filmmaker is eyeing a brand new project to get rolling.

The spoke to the New York Times to reveal that he does in fact have a new project that he ‘hopes to shoot in digital soon.’ And yes, that is entirely all that we know.

There have been a handful of films that Cimino has done since Gate and also been toying around with, but nothing has ever quite hit the same level as his early features. The Sunchaser was his last film back in 1996, so it’s been a minute since we’ve actually seen the man behind a camera, so hopefully this will actually bring some sort of result. Cimino was at one point in time a talented filmmaker, so hopefully this break has given him enough time to really tap back into what made him such an interesting filmmaker in the late ‘˜70s-early ‘˜80s.

Source NY Times

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