Michael Mann, Oliver Stone And Baz Luhrmann To Talk Blu-Ray Format And Home Entertainment At CES

With the CES fair set to start soon out in Las Vegas, the Blu-ray format will be one of the many topics discussed.

The sole topic of a panel at the convention, directors Michael Mann, Oliver Stone and Baz Luhrmann will be discussing the format, and how new formats such as Blu-ray have changed the creative process of filmmakers.   The panel will take place on January 7, and is being put into place by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Personally, the biggest question regarding new formats is not so much the implications on the creative process behind crafting a film (advances in film stock or in digital recording are more suitable grounds for that discussion), but instead the ever changing world of home entertainment.   The filmmaker’s will also be discussing the home cinematic experience, and personally, that is where I find most of the intrigue here. As a late adopter to the format (well, as late as this past Thanksgiving is), the world of home entertainment is one that seems to change relatively rapidly. It will be interesting to see what the craftsmen within the medium have to think about the format.

Source: LA Times

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