Michael Mann’s Agincourt Nabs A New Writer


If there has been one cinematic voice that’s been sadly missed over the last few years, it has been director Michael Mann’s. With a new project set to shoot relatively soon, the beloved auteur is set to bring a long-talked about project back to the forefront.

Deadline is reporting that the director’s oft-discussed project, Agincourt, has nabbed a new writer in the form of Stuart Hazeldine. Hazeldine is likely best known to most people as the man behind Alex Proyas’ now defunct Paradise Lost, and the film itself will be based on a book from writer Bernard Cornwell, that follows the story of the battle between Henry V’s English troops and those from France.

Having been a minute since Mann’s last film, it will be interesting to see just what Mann still has in the tanks, particularly when it comes to a new historical epic like this. I think Mann is truly a great filmmaker, and will be a voice that will be a welcome addition back into this cinematic landscape.

Source Deadline

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