Milan Records Set To Release New Remastered Editions Of Scores For The Third Man And Vertigo


That sound year hear is millions of film and music nerds squealing like 14 year old girls seeing One Direction for the first time.

Milan Records is set to release new, remastered, editions of the soundtracks for the films Vertigo and The Third Man. The later arrives on February 25 with the former dropping in stores on March 11, and frankly, those dates can’t get here fast enough.

Both scores (from Bernard Herrmann and Anton Karas respectively) are some of the greatest bits of musical compositions for film in its history, particularly Karas’ thrilling composition for the greatest film noir ever made. Herrmann’s score is likely his best collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, and I really can’t wait to get these releases the day they hit, particularly since they will be physical releases. The scores have been rather hard to hunt down, particularly Karas’ work, so this is quite exciting to see.

Source Bloody Disgusting

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