Mira Nair Is Planning To Bring Monsoon Wedding To Broadway

Are you like me, and truly can’t get enough of Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding? Well your prayers may have just been answered.

According to Prokerala News, Mira Nair has revealed that she is currently at work on a Broadway adaptation of her brilliant film, Monsoon Wedding (check out our episode on Monsoon Wedding here).  The director also revealed that it’s not that far off, stating that it ‘will be released in the spring of 2012.’ Count me in.

The report also states that she is currently working on a mini-television series, which ‘is still in the early stages.’

Nair, who is currently hard at work on her next film project, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, also has a film, Shantaram, in the works, but has at this point been delayed.   Johnny Depp was set to star in the film, but presumably, due to the film’s rather lengthy history, left to star in On Stranger Tides, the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film.   Personally, I could not be a bigger fan of both Nair as a filmmaker, and Monsoon Wedding, and honestly, the film is perfect for a musical adaptation.

An interview with Depp, about Shantaram, from a couple years back:

More on this one as it develops, but what do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in catching on the stage?

Source: Prokerala