Miramax Teams With Facebook For New Film Viewing App

With more and more people moving into the realm of social media and other things like ‘apps,’ even major film studios are looking to get into the game.

Miramax just announced that they will be teaming up with Facebook for an application entitled Miramax eXperience, and will ‘offer consumers a great user experience where they can watch movie clips and feature length films, play games and share the experience with their friends within the Facebook community.’

Now, for the price of 30 Facebook credits, users can stream films, commercial free, on their Facebook page, an iPad or Google TV, with no download required. Films available include Pulp Fiction, Adventureland, Clerks, Gangs Of New York, and Trainspotting, among others (Tarantino is all over this app with Jackie Brown and his two Kill Bill films also available.

Now, while I’m not sure as to how many people will really use this, you have to imagine that given the expansive install base, they will make quite a bit of coin from the use of this app.   I definitely like the move for Miramax, and would love to see other studios get into this game.   Could you imagine a Warner Archive app? I know that would make these ‘Facebook Credits’ a whole lot more appealing.

What do you think?

Source Miramax

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