MUBI Takes On New $2M Investment To Grow Business

Apparently MUBI is truly looking to make an even bigger name for itself within the world of film related social networking, film distribution, and online streaming.

According to Paid Content, the company has taken on a $2.4 million investment ‘for extra capital and to grow its team.’

For those who may not know, MUBI is an art film focused social networking site that not only allows users to stay in touch with one another, but also see various films for either a monthly subscription, or a pay-per-view, for $1 or $3 per feature (monthly it is $12).

Personally, I absolutely love MUBI, and I honestly think that if there is a way to break the hold that someone like Netflix has on the world of online film distribution, it’s to take the model of MUBI, and expand it.   In partnering with indie film festivals, they have hit a part of the film world that is very much/ ignored by much of online streaming outlets.

This may not seem like a great amount of money, but it should prove interesting when looking back on where this outlet has gone.   Here’s to hoping it’s somewhere big.  It’s an outlet that more than deserves it.

Source: Paid Content

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