Museum Of Moving Images Interviews Michael Fassbender For Fish Tank

Over the past few days I’ve had the opportunity to preview the upcoming Blu-ray release of Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank, which will be getting a Criterion DVD and Blu-ray release this Tuesday, February 22nd. It is an intense, personal look at the life of Mia, played incredibly honestly by Katie Jarvis. I’ll have more to say a little closer to the release date, but I wanted to share this interview with Michael Fassbender, who co-stars in the film.


This interview takes place last year, as the film was being distributed theatrically by IFC Films. I’d recommend you listen to the interview only if you’ve seen the film, as they get into some of the plot details. I wouldn’t say it’s a film that can be spoiled by learning elements of the plot, as the performances and filmmaking are what really sell it as a movie. This clip is courtesy of the Museum Of Moving Images, located in Astoria, NY.

The interview clip is actually included on the Criterion Collection release, along with audition footage, some of Andrea Arnold’s earlier short films, and much more. Along with the Sweet Smell Of Success, Fish Tank is a film I can heartily endorse as a must own Criterion title from this upcoming Tuesday’s new releases.

Have you seen Fish Tank? What did you think of this interview, and Michael Fassbender’s character in the film? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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