Netflix iPad App Hacked For The iPhone, Quickly Disabled

Well that was fast.

While I think the idea of watching a film on a telephone is a horrible and rather silly concept to me (I’m with David Lynch on this one), I know that there is definitely a market for it, so hold on to your butts iPhone users.

According to Engadget, Netflix for iPad has been hacked, and while it has since been disabled, was running on Apple’s bread and butter, the iPhone. While the hack has indeed been disabled by whoever is in charge of that deal, this is an interesting piece of information to note.

Netflix has been vehement about their work on a Netflix iPhone app, so while there have been talks about it, people are chomping at the bit for some instant streaming on their lovely iPhones. This also comes just a few weeks before the announcement of the next iPhone, so who knows exactly what Netflix has in store for us.

Personally, why I completely understand why the idea of having thousands of films at your demand on your phone, I still cannot wrap my head around why one would think that watching a film on your aforementioned telephone would be appealing. I could never sit down and watch a film like The Battle Of Algiers or The Passion Of Joan Of Arc on a tiny telephone screen, no matter the quality. To me, something just truly gets lost in the visual translation.

Apparently though, that’s just me, so for those who are interested, expect some huge news out of the Netflix camp sometime in the near future.

Source: Engadget

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