Netflix Signs Streaming Deal With DreamWorks Animation

It’s about time Netflix gets a bit of good news.   And boy oh boy, is it some good news.

According to the NY Times, Netflix has inked a deal with Dreamworks animation, which will bring films like Kung Fu Panda, as well as upcoming projects like Turbo, to the streaming juggernaut in 2013.   The studio had previously had a similar content providing deal with HBO, which had been long running, but far from profitable for either party.

One of the first times a true-blue movie studio has left the television world for online streaming, this is truly a ‘game-changing’ deal as it is being touted as by higher-ups throughout the ranks of both companies, and should prove to be one hell of an addition to a Netflix lineup which had been taking a beating, both fiscally and in the court of public opinion, for months now.   While the lineup isn’t as deep as something like their Starz deal, it should at least bring better looking streams, and who knows, this may open the floodgates.

What do you think?

Source NYT

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