New Clip And Featurette Arrive For Life Of Pi

As the 2012 Oscar season continues its run, one film has seemed to stand leaps and bounds in front of its competition.

Following a rapturous debut at this year’s New York Film Festival, Ang Lee’s latest epic Life Of Pi has become something of a critical darling, finding not only praise for everything on screen involved with the project, but even unanimous love for the film’s use of 3D, something no one could have expected given critics and their angst towards the format.

However, with the film’s debut now only about a month away (it bows on November 21), we are seeing more and more from the film, and today is no different. A new clip has hit, as well as a featurette for the film, which hints at just how beautiful and intriguing a picture this one stands to be.   The clip itself is the one, albeit in 2D, that was originally screened prior to 3D screenings of Prometheus earlier this year, and the featurette is really quite interesting.  Check both out below.

[youtube] [youtube]

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