New Details Emerge About Malick’s Voyage Of Time And A Director’s Cut For Tree Of Life


Fans of director Terrence Malick may be wondering what the director’s now busy schedule looks like, and thankfully, a few projects he’s got up his sleeves have been cleared up a tad bit.

The Playlist recently sat down with Malick’s oft-editor Billy Weber, who revealed a few new details about a few different things the auteur has on his slate. First up, Malick is indeed working on a new Director’s Cut version of his beloved Tree Of Life, that will be putting back in various sequences that the director had previously cut out. Could this be a possible Criterion Collection release? It is a Fox Searchlight picture, and with something like The Darjeeling Limited coming later on as a Criterion Release, one has to imagine that this could be in the cards. Also, if anyone has hopes of seeing the often rumored Criterion release of Moonrise Kingdom, then this has to be a possibility.

But what about the connecting documentary Voyage Of Time? Well, the editor reveals that the film is still in the cards, and that it’s “supposed to come out” in 2014. It’s an IMAX film, so the release appears to be set up, the film is just in need of actually being finished.

Overall, with Malick working at his fastest rate in his entire career, this is a thrilling time to be a fan of the filmmaker. Sure, I may have rather disliked his latest, To The Wonder, but this all sounds like we have a lot to look forward to from today’s great cinematic poet.

Source The Playlist