New iTunes Feed For CriterionCast!

feedWe here at CriterionCast, in an attempt to future-proof our feed for all of you lovely listeners, have moved our hosting to, which means we now are officially using Google’s Feedburner for all of our feedy needs.

Unfortunately, because we were unable to modify our original iTunes feed, we had to create this new feed. This means that you all will need to re-subscribe to our new feed, to get all of our new episodes. We’ll probably pump out our episodes on both feeds for the next few weeks, and will be sure to remind everyone again and again that we’re moving.

The link that you can click on in our right sidebar is the new, updated link, so feel free to click on that.

This also means that we’ll lose all of your lovely comments, so if you’ve been thoughtful enough to leave us feedback in iTunes, please leave us some on our new page.

Thanks for all of your support through all of our growing pains with this podcast. Our sound quality issues are quickly being ironed out, thanks to all of your feedback.

Here is the link to our new feed: iTunes Feed!

You can also subscribe in your favorite RSS reader: Podcast Feed!

Our blog feed can be subscribed to here: Blog Feed!

Thanks again, you lovely listeners, we appreciate each and every one of you.

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