New Spartacus Film In The Works

With the recent influx of interest in the tale of Spartacus thanks to both the Stanley Kubrick classic and its recently released Blu-ray, as well as the Starz TV series, Graham King and his GK Films banner is looking to capitalize on this on the big screen.

Variety is reporting that King is currently in the works on a new film based on Spartacus, a leader of rebels who tried to take on the entire Roman Empire.

The film will be penned by 300 scribe Michael B. Gordon, and is still on the hunt for a director.   This particularly film will have no connection to the brilliant Kubrick film and Criterion Collection member nor the Starz series, and will allegedly follow a more historically accurate approach to this man’s life.   It will follow Spartacus ‘leading a band of 70,000 elite gladiators and 50,000 freed slaves in revolt against the Roman war machine between 73 and 71 BC. The rebellion was defeated through the commander Marcus Licinius Crassus.”

Now, as a fan of Kubrick’s film, it’s nice knowing that this will not have anything to do with that film.   That said, it really remains to be seen as to just what type of film we’ll get.   Given the right filmmaker behind the project, it could be something really special, but until we find out who will be spearheading the film, it’s still very much wait and see.   What do you think?

Source Variety

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