New Trailer For Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights Hits

Literary adaptations come as often as action movies it seems. And as we near the fall film season and then ultimately awards season, expect to hear about a boat load of them. However, none of them hold the weight that Andrea Arnold’s latest does.

A new trailer for her take on  Wuthering Heights  has arrived, and it looks like Arnold may have crafted the best take yet, on the iconic Emily Bronte novel.

The film stars the pair of Kaya Scodelario and James Howson, and with Arnold’s patented 4:3 aspect ratio in full force here, the film looks unlike anything that the film world has offered us this year, and the aesthetic as a whole looks to follow suit.

With reviews for the film being almost unanimously praise-filled, the film is one of 2012’s most talked about arthouse efforts, and with this desperately bleak trailer, it proves that Arnold may have given us one of the most original literary adaptations the big screen has seen in years. Here’s to hoping that this film is as good as it looks, and has been received.

You can read Catherine’s review of the film from IFFBoston 2012 HERE.


Source  Vulture

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