New Trailer For Richard Linklater’s Bernie Arrives In Advance Of SXSW

With a showing at SXSW in its future, Richard Linklater’s latest film, a comedy entitled Bernie has finally gotten itself a brand new trailer, and it’s still quite an odd film to try and pinpoint.

Finding its inspiration in an article from Texas Monthly Magazine, written up by Skip Hollandsworth (who finds himself as the co-writer of this film adaptation alongside Linklater), the film follows the story of a man who after befriending an elderly widow, kills her, only to try and make it appears as though the woman is still very much alive.

The film stars Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine, and is his first film since the oddly received gem of a film Me And Orson Welles, following a few projects that had fallen apart (primarily the beloved script that is known as Liars A-E).   Personally, I don’t know if this trailer’s voice over does itself any favors, but the film itself does really sound like something quite interesting.   Black looks oddly intriguing here, and it’s always fun to see McConaughey chew on some scenery.

We’ll have a review of this film up after its showing at SXSW in March.


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Joshua Brunsting

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