New Trailer For The Lena Dunham-Written Nobody Walks Hits

It should go without saying that we here at The CriterionCast, this writer in particular (let’s just say I’ve found myself holding a bit of a crush about the person we will be talking about here), are fans of writer/director Lena Dunham. Be it her absolutely fantastic Tiny Furniture or her equally fantastic television series Girls, Dunham has become described as the voice of her generation, and while that comes with some quite pretentious baggage, it seems to be coming more true each outing. And now, she’s finally making it back to the big screen in a way.

A trailer for the new film Nobody Walks has arrived, and with a script co-written by Dunham, the Ry Russo-Young-directed film looks like it could be yet another notch in the writer’s belt. Starring Olivia Thirlby, John Krasinski, Rosemarie DeWitt and Dylan McDermott, the film follows a woman from NY who moves in with an LA family who try to help her finish a film. When relationships are scattered, things hit the fan, and so the film goes.

Personally, I’ve always found Dunham’s writing to be very much inspired by the films of Woody Allen, and this is the type of relationship drama that Allen would have a field day with. While she’s not behind the camera, this is still very much a film that this writer is extremely excited for, and its release date, October 12 (on VOD September 6) can’t get here fast enough.


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Joshua Brunsting

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