New Trailer Hits For Danny Boyle’s Trance As Reviews Begin Pouring In


While some of his latest work, particularly the likes of Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours have been less-than-stellar pieces of work, director Danny Boyle is back with what looks to be a return to form.

A new trailer has hit for his upcoming film Trance, and with its release scheduled for April 5, reviews have begun to trickle out about the James McAvoy-starring thriller about an art heist gone wrong. With A script from Joe Ahearne, the trailer itself looks absolutely fantastic and offers up yet another great look at the pending picture, but the reviews have begun pouring in with rather mixed results.

The Guardian and Hollywood Reporter are lukewarm-to-cold on the picture, with the latter stating that it is often “it’s as if the challenge the filmmakers set for themselves was not so much to tell a story as to discover how many clever and devious ways they could disguise and hide what’s coming,” positing that “the subject seems to serve the style rather than the other way around.” The Guardian is a bit less verbose in its issues, stating that “the film is quite simply trying far too hard.”

However, The Playlist digs the picture, saying the film proves “to be a head-spinning, psychologically rich take on the crime flick.” Thankfully, the film arrives in theaters in a matter of weeks, so we’ll all be able to make up our own minds in just a few days. Check out the new trailer below:

Joshua Brunsting

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