Next For Guillermo Del Toro Is Crimson Peak, Could We Still See At The Mountains Of Madness?

Now it’s just getting silly.

With his next film, Pacific Rim, on the path to theaters summer of next year, and his other various TV and film projects in various forms of production, Guillermo Del Toro is a busy little bee. However, he’s apparently not too busy enough to avoid adding yet another project to his slate.

Deadline confirms that he’ll next direct a project entitled Crimson Peak, confirming a story we’ve heard rumblings of for roughly a month now. The film, set up over at Legendary Pictures, and has been one in the works for some time. He reveals that it was once sold to Universal following Pan’s Labyrinth, and is allegedly being compared to films like The Haunting and The Innocents. Count me in.

Legendary is also interested in backing Del Toro’s long talked about At The Mountains Of Madness, which could be a huge get for a subsidiary of WB that has become synonymous with taking big chances on much anticipated projects. I know I can’t wait to see Del Toro get back into the horror game, so hopefully this one is coming soon.

Source Deadline

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