Nights Of Cabiria Remake, The Days Of Mary, Moving Forward With Juliette Lewis

So despite not hearing anything about this film for right around a year or two, this sucker isn’t as dead as we would have all hoped.

THR is reporting that one Juliette Lewis has boarded the long talked about remake of Fellini’s masterful Nights Of Cabiria. Originally slated to be helmed by Lee Daniels, first time director Brad Michael Gilbert will helm the project, and it’s now going by the name The Days of Mary.

The film will follow a prostitute who finds herself at the behest of the various men in her life, who routinely betray her. Personally, I can’t begin to describe why this is a bad idea. Overall, I don’t mind this film being remade, but this is far from the ideal situation. I’m not a huge fan of Daniels as a director, but at least he has experience behind the camera, something Gilbert doesn’t have. Toss in Lewis, an actress who rarely pulls in a performance worth talking about, and you have a film that frankly doesn’t sound intriguing in the least.

What do you think?

Source THR