Nymphomaniac To Miss Cannes Submission Deadline?


Hey, remember when Magnolia announced they picked up Lars von Trier’s new film, Nymphomaniac, and we, and most of the web, just casually said that it was likely that it’d be heading to the Croisette this year for a Cannes debut? Yeah, that’s not happening.

Cineuropa chatted with Zentrope Entertainment producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen who revealed that the film would be missing the festival’s submission deadline, stating that “four editors were working around the clock to meet the Cannes deadline, but we had to give it up – after 268 script pages, 11 weeks of shooting and with 100 hours of material.”

Personally, this is a bit shocking. Yes, von Trier was given the persona non grata moniker from the prestigious festival, but according to Jensen, “there is absolutely no bad blood between us,” and that seemed clear when everyone and their mother predicted the film as part of the lineup.

So where does this leave the film? Could a Venice debut be in store? One would have to imagine that the film would likely head that route instead of bowing at a Toronto or a New York Film Festival, but they aren’t out of the question, particularly with how much more interesting the latter has gotten over the past few years. Or maybe Magnolia ditches the festival circuit all together? That seems unlikely, but who knows.

Source Cineuropa / The Playlist

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