Olivier Assayas Presents Screening of David Fincher’s Zodiac At BAMcinemaFEST

If there is one thing cooler than a filmmaker being on hand for a screening of his or her film, it’s that same director going out of their way to talk about a peer’s piece of work.

According to IndieWire (and IFC), Criterion alum (Summer Hours) and Carlos helmer Oliver Assayas was on hand, at the BAMcinemaFEST for a screening of David Fincher’s stunning take on the Zodiac killer’s story, Zodiac: The Director’s Cut, and even took the time to participate in a discussion of the film with film critic Kent Jones. He even presented a screening of We Won’t Grow Old Together, from director Maurice Pialat.

While there isn’t much in the way of news from what the filmmaker actually chatted about, it’s a cool story nonetheless. It’s always nice to see fantastic directors chat about films from other great filmmakers, and you couldn’t ask for better night than seeing David Fincher’s masterpiece (one of many I might add), and following it up with a discussion led by one of today’s most talented directors.

If only I could have been a fly on that wall. Or better yet, an actual member of the audience. That would have been nice.

Source: IndieWire / IFC

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