Olivier Assayas To Make US Debut With Hubris


It’s about time the US gets their paws on director Olivier Assayas.

While he’s worked in the English language for a few projects throughout his career, the director will be making his US debut taking over a new project that was once in the hands of none other than beloved filmmaker Todd Field.

A project so hot that Universal had control of it when Field was attached, Hubris is based on a Playboy article entitled Boosting The Big Tuna, following a group of thieves trying to rob a mob boss.

Personally, I love this idea. Assayas is not only one of today’s greatest filmmakers, but this sounds like a project that is absolutely up his alley. Small, perfect for Assayas’ intimate aesthetic, and full of intrigue, give Assayas an interesting cast like the one he has lined up for his pending Juliette Binoche starring Sils Maria, and you’ll have a film worth waiting for.

Source IndieWire

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