Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends: The Barnes & Noble 50% Off Criterion Collection Sale Is Back!

Twice a year, the folks at Barnes And Noble and the Criterion Collection team up to help make everyone’s wallets a little lighter before the holidays take their toll. 

Until November 19th (according to many people), all of the in-stock (and a number of December / January titles) are available at 50% off MSRP. It works out to about $20 for the Blu-rays and $15 for DVDs, depending on which titles you’re looking at. 

If you’re planning on ordering a number of titles, I humbly request you use our affiliate links, so we’ll get a few pennies (literally) for helping direct you to B&N (we don’t get anything if you go into the store to buy your discs, apart from knowing that our audience is the best around).

I’m including links below to a number of recent titles, but you should seriously consider ordering some of the December and January titles that are available at 50% off as well (like the Qatsi Trilogy and Brazil).

Thanks to all who use our links, and feel free to tweet us pictures of your haul.

Ryan Gallagher

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