Paramount Nabs Scorsese’s Wolf Of Wall Street

When a studio gets in a rhythm with a filmmaker, it’s one that’s hard to break.

Getting back together with beloved filmmaker and legendary icon Martin Scorsese for the third time, Deadline is reporting that the pair will be working together for the director’s new film, The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio (shocking, I know), and co-stars Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey (one of the actors cavalcade of massive projects coming up) and recent Oscar winner Jean Dujardin. Penned by Terence Winter, the film looks at the life of Jordan Belfort a former stockbroker who would ultimately find his life in shambles thanks to various addictions.

The studio is apparently looking to drop the film off near the end of next year, so expect a huge push for the film for awards season. The film features a brilliant cast and a director who has been riding a really interesting wave as of late. A festival run sounds likely, so hopefully we’ll be hearing about this sooner rather than later.

Source Deadline

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