Paul Schrader To Direct The Dying Of The Light


With director Paul Schrader’s latest film, The Canyons, now officially under the watchful eye of IFC and a debut set for the Venice Film Festival, Schrader has got his sights set on a new project. Or at least one that he’s apparently taking over.

A while back, Nicolas Winding Refn became attached to helm a film penned by Schrader entitled The Dying Of The Light. Following the story of a detective who goes blind over the span of his final case, the film starred Harrison Ford and Channing Tatum, only to be undone by Ford’s departure. Refn left the picture, and it seemed all but dead.

However, The Playlist reports that Schrader has taken over the project, and will start shooting at the end of this year.  Personally, I think this is great news. As a big fan of Schrader’s previous work, hopes are actually high for the insanely entrancing The Canyons, a film that will either be unwatchable or an absolute masterpiece, and the same hopes are high for this film. This sounds right up his alley, and with Refn allegedly still on as producer, this could make for a truly interesting project.

Source The Playlist