Pedro Almodovar Lines Up Special Thriller Sidebar For AFI Fest

With his latest film, The Skin I Live In, being the beloved auteur’s first true-blue thriller, director Pedro Almodovar has teamed up with the upcoming AFI Film Festival to not only be their guest artistic director, but to add a few of his choice picks to play there as well.

The director has selected a program of four thrillers that will screen at the festival, including Eyes Without A Face, The Killers, Le Cercle Rouge, and Nightmare Alley.   Almodovar chose these pictures because he believes that ‘in some way, albeit tangentially, they have a relationship’ with the director’s present.

Having had the chance to check out The Skin I Live In, this writer can say that that is definitely true.   Almodovar seems to be in some sort of thriller kick, particularly those in the vein of something like Eyes, arguably the closest relative to the director’s latest film.   They will also be showing Almodovar’s Law Of Desire in a Gala screening, so if you are a fan of this beloved filmmaker, then the AFI Fest is definitely an event you must attend.

Source IndieWire

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