Peter Weller’s Thoughts On The RoboCop Reboot

It has been rumored in the movie geek world that Darren Aronofsky will direct the long awaited RoboCop (Criterion Collection #23) reboot. On the podcast, we’ve talked about the possibility of the reboot being shot in 3D and Aronofsky’s reluctance to do so.

The man who played the celebrated cyborg constable will be making a guest appearance on the Sci-Fi FOX series, “Fringe”. Peter Weller gave an interview to IO9 and gave his thoughts on the RoboCop remake, what has the profound property has done for his career and why he decided to leave.

We’re all desperately awaiting the return of RoboCop, and we’re all rooting for Darren Aronofsky’s vision. Have you heard anything about the status of this film and what do you think about bringing back this wonderful character?

You know, I wish him well. He’s a gifted director. I was happy to do it, and happy to leave it. It’s like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, they were happy to get together and happy to part because they went on their own way. I went off, I left RoboCop to do Naked Lunch and I was very grateful for everything that RoboCop brought me. Particularly a large following amongst young people. In regards to education and making some sort of contribution to education, young kids will listen to me because of that film. I think the movie will probably be good, but I just have to say the firstRoboCop is hard to beat. It’s just… you’ve got that director Verhoeven and you’ve got those writers Ed Neumeier and Mark Miner. The combination of action and myth and humanity and humor, all those things wrapped into one in a perfectly constructed script. I don’t think they’re going to do anything better but I certainly wish them well to do something as good.

What do you think of the “RoboCop” reboot project? Do you think Darren Aronofsky is right for the job?

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