Pre-Order The January 2014 Twilight Time Line-Up: Zulu, Khartoum, Titus, And Man In The Dark

Twilight Time January Framed

Yesterday, the team at Twilight Time launched the pre-orders for their January 2014 line-up.

As usual, they’re limited to 3,000, so you’ll want to make sure that if you’ve been hoping for any of these titles would be released in high definition, you pre-order as soon as possible. While only a handful of their titles have sold out entirely, their business model has generated a very mild controversy amongst some home video enthusiasts.

I am a huge fan of Julie Taymor’s Titus, and have been hoping for years that a Blu-ray would be released. I’m pre-ordering this one.

Check out their February, March and April line-ups. Pre-orders typically launch one month before the expected release date.

These January titles are expected to ship the week of January 21st (the same week as It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!)



“Julie Taymor’s stunningly cinematic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus (1999), stars Anthony Hopkins as a noble but misguided Roman general who finds himself ensnared in an unwinnable war of vengeance with an implacable barbarian queen (Jessica Lange). With its time-bending mix of elements from Ancient Rome, Fascist Italy, Fifties America, and Punk Britain, this radical reimagining of a theatrical classic offers a dark vision of violence, murder, rape, and revenge.”

Special Features: Isolated Score Track / Audio Commentary with Director Julie Taymor / Audio Commentary with Composer Elliot Goldenthal / Audio Commentary with Actors Anthony Hopkins and Harry Lennix / Making-of Documentary / Q & A with Julie Taymor / Penny Arcade Nightmares / Trailers and TV Spots



“Zulu (1964), director Cy Endfield’s magnificent epic about the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, pits a tiny force of some 150 British colonials against the massive power of 4000 Zulu warriors, and comes up with a classic film about honor and valor in the face of outrageous odds. Starring Stanley Baker, Michael Caine (in the role that made him an international force to be reckoned with), Jack Hawkins, Nigel Green, and James Booth, the film is a unique combination of boy’s own adventure and potent anti-war sentiment. Featuring a sterling score by the one and only John Barry.”

Special Features: Isolated Score Track / Audio Commentary with Film Historians Lem Dobbs and Nick Redman / Original Theatrical Trailer



“Khartoum (1966), directed by Basil Dearden and written by Robert Ardrey, is an historical epic about the ill-fated expedition of British General Charles Gordon (Charlton Heston) in late-19th-century Sudan, an attempt to halt the incursion of the fanatical Muslim leader, Muhammad Ahmad (Laurence Olivier), the self-styled Mahdi (“The Expected One”). This action-adventure yarn, chock-full of thrilling battle sequences, stunning desert landscapes, and fascinating political intrigue led by British Prime Minister Gladstone (Ralph Richardson), is one of the last of its breed: a large-scale roadshow extravaganza with an all-star cast.”

Special Features: Isolated Score Track / Audio Commentary with Film Historians Lem Dobbs, Julie Kirgo, and Nick Redman / Original Theatrical Trailer

Man In The Dark

Man In The Dark

“The first 3-D motion picture produced by a major studio, Man in the Dark (1953) is a classic film noir, complete with tough-guy protagonist (Edmond O’Brien), heart-of-gold moll (Audrey Totter), and plenty of underworld action—but with handsome stereoscopic imagery directed by the prolific Lew Landers (The Raven). Focusing on a thug who undergoes brain surgery to eliminate his criminal tendencies, the film utilizes spectacular 3-D effects to simulate the newly decent hero’s disorientation as he tries to remember his life of crime, even as he is pursued by former cohorts who want in on the spoils of his latest robbery.”

Special Features: Isolated Score Track / Original Theatrical Trailer

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