Principal Photography Wraps On Before Midnight

Talk about a change of tune.

Just a week or so ago, going against rumors that the cast and crew were shooting the much anticipated sequel, star Ethan Hawke revealed that he we teaming back up with director Richard Linklater to start writing a third film in their Before series.   They were originally rumored to be shooting the film, but it appeared as though the film was still a while off. Well, that couldn’t appear to be any more wrong.

Deadline reports that principal photography on Before Midnight has actually wrapped. Here’s a statement released by stars Julie Delpy and Hawke and director Linklater:

‘It’s great to be back together again, this time in beautiful Greece to revisit the lives of Celine and Jesse nine years after Jesse was about to miss his flight.’

Personally, I can’t wait to not only see what will happen when these three team back up, but what will happen now nine years after Jesse was looking to finally move forward with the woman he had fallen so hard for, Celine. The film is apparently going to have an added entity in the form of the Internet, so while nine years don’t seem like much, this could prove to be quite an interesting movie about relationships in this new age, in the body of a massively anticipated sequel. One can only hope.

Source Deadline

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