Punch Drunk Love Blu-ray On The Way; Let The Criterion Speculation Begin

Let the anticipation commence.

Following the Australian debut of his latest film, The Master, at the Cockatoo Island Film Festival, director Paul Thomas Anderson chatted with fans during a post-screening Q/A session, and revealed a few interesting details.

While headlines seem to grab the fact that PTA is apparently a big fan of director Chris Nolan and his work on the Batman films, he happened to reveal something very interesting about one of his most underrated films, Punch Drunk Love. When asked about the long awaited Blu-ray release of the film, Anderson revealed that yes, he is indeed working on it and that it will hit ‘next year.’

Now, no news has arrived as to who will be releasing it, but one has to assume that if he has a direct hand in the transfer and the supplements for the Blu-ray, that Criterion is a likely candidate for who is behind this release. The recently commented on the idea saying that Love is a ‘grand film’ and that it may happen ‘one day,’ so they are staying coy on the subject, making all of this pure conjecture. All that we do know is that a Blu-ray for the film is on its way, and for that, we can all be ecstatic.

Source CigsAndRedVines