Raiders Of The Lost Ark Heads Back Into Theaters And Into IMAX In September

Could this be the start of a new trend?

Arguably one of the most beloved films from the beloved canon of one of film’s most beloved auteurs is set to make another appearance on the big screen, and in one hell of a big way. Steven Spielberg’s first entry into the Indiana Jones canon, Raiders Of The Lost Ark will be hitting theaters, both regular and also IMAX in one hell of a turn, come September.

The director chatted up the New York Times about the release, and revealed that despite what may have popped into your head at the first glance of this story, no effects have changed in this transfer, only an upgrade in audio.

The film hitting theaters will play as a precursor to all of Indy’s films hitting Blu-ray on September 18, making this one hell of a must-watch theatrical run. As a huge fan of the format, it will be interesting to see just how crisp and beautiful an upgrade here will look, but from what it sounds like, Spielberg has had his hands all over this sucker.   And as far as the question above? I sure hope so. IMAX is such a better format than something like 3D, which while having some inherently gimmicky awe-inspiring visuals, really adds quite a deal of depth and emotion to the films it features.

Source NY Times

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