Red Band Trailer For SXSW Darling Sinister Arrives Just In Time To Scare You Senseless

It’s nearly October, and with that comes, you guessed it, the onslaught of fall horror films. And while the recent track record of late year horror films has been rather spotty at best, this year the film world is in for a real treat in the form of Scott Derrickson’s Sinister.

The film follows the story of a true crime novelist played by Ethan Hawke who moves into a new house with his family only to uncover a handful of film reels featuring horrifying acts of violence. Taking the idea of ‘found footage’ to a whole different and far more intriguing level, the film debuted during a secret screening at SXSW, and absolutely blew this writer’s socks off, as does this brand new trailer released for the film.

Admittedly a huge fan of the genre, I find found footage horror films to be rather lackluster, but this decided to take the idea of a found footage horror film and spin it on its head. It’s as if what if someone saw a far grizzlier version of the acts found in any of these types of films, and had to deal with the repercussions. It’s an absolute stunner of a horror feature, proving that Derrickson is one of the genre’s brightest stars. Seriously, it’s an absolute wonder.

It hits on October 12. Check out the brand new trailer below.


Source Yahoo

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