Redbox Is Gaining From Movie Gallery’s Closing, Also Won’t Be Hit With 28 Day New Release Window By All Studios

With all of this hoopla coming out of Blockbuster about the much talked about 28-day delay for DVD and Blu-Ray releases, it looks like Redbox isn’t set to throw in the towel just yet. They too have a little fire left in the engine.

Redbox declared this week that the 28-day delay is not expected to become the norm for studio’s DVD releases. While it is in fact the norm for films out of studios such as Fox and Warner Brothers, studios such as Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, and Disney are not currently following suit.

As recently reported, Disney is even set to throw out their biggest film so far this year, Alice In Wonderland, on the same day as when it hit’s retail shelves, this June 1.

For those who love Blu-Ray, Redbox CFO J. Scott Di Valerio recently said that the company will also soon begin renting Blu-ray titles in the second half of this year, ‘at a premium.’ While nothing is certain as to what this premium exactly is, this is yet another step that Redbox is taking to become a major player in this game that we call video renting.

Want even better news for the chain? With Movie Gallery closing shop, the company is reportedly set to make massive bank, of more than $100 million in revenue bump from the chain’s foreclosure. Not only that, but the closure of the chain leaves open roughly $1.4 billion in home entertainment revenue. It looks like there is a lot left in this battle, for domination of video renting.

Source: Studio Briefing / Home Media Magazine

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