Richard Linklater Lines Up A Walk In The Woods As His Next Feature


Sure, some of director Richard Linklater’s recent work has been less than superb, but with the director’s newest film, Before Midnight, not only capping off one of the greatest trilogies of all time but itself proved to be one of this year’s very best films (at least up to this point). And therefore, it’s nearly impossible to not be excited about what lies ahead for the filmmaker.

The LA Times has the scoop about what Linklater will be doing next, and it sounds like a winner. He’ll be adapting a memoir from Bill Bryson entitled A Walk In The Woods, and he’s tapped Robert Redford and Nick Nolte to star in the picture.

The film follows the story of a man who comes home after two decades across the pond, only to decide to walk the Appalachian Trail. Redford is taking the lead role with Nolte attached in the role of Bryson’s friend who also makes the trip, and it all sounds right up Linklater’s alley.

With his Before films, he’s proven himself as being more than deft at portraying relationships on screen, and particularly those almost entirely focused on two people. This could prove to be yet another superb film from a director who appears back on his A-game.

Source LA Times