Ridley Scott To Produce Adaptation Of Matt Kindt’s Fantastic Comic Mind MGMT For Fox


The world of comics may be run by the “Big Two” (DC and Marvel), but with critical darlings like “Hellboy” and its spin-off “BPRD,” as well as more Star Wars comics than you can shake a lightsaber at, Dark Horse has become a major player in the comic book world. And one of the books that they are currently releasing that is truly great (just the type of sci-fi drama even fans of The Criterion Collection could get behind) comes from the mind of Matt Kindt, and it’s heading to theaters with a big time producer.

THR is reporting that Ridley Scott is set to produce an adaptation of the comic “Mind MGMT” for Fox. The book follows the story of a female journalist who comes across a secret organization backed by the government that houses special, psychic, agents.

As a huge fan of the book (it’s really one of today’s best books), I not only love the story, but think that it is absolutely perfect for a film adaptation. Given the right creative team behind the script and the camera, this could be one of the better comic book adaptations around. And again, if you’re a fan of science fiction or dramatic thrillers sprint to your local comic shop and pick up some issues. It’s one of today’s best books, and is a must read for comic nerds or any lover of top notch fiction.

Source THR

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