Roman Polanski To Direct The Political Thriller D Next

Roman Polanski doing a political thriller? Color this writer massively excited.

Variety reports that the controversial auteur will next direct a film entitled D, based on the Dreyfus Affair during the late 19th Century. The iconic affair was a scandal that tore apart France in the 1890s and into the 1900s, which found one Captain Alfred Dreyfus wrongly convicted of treason.

With a script from Ghost Writer scribe Robert Harris, this is shaping up to be one hell of a project, sounding like yet another winner in Polanski’s filmography.

I may very well be one of the only people to truly love Polanski’s last film, Carnage, as well as his previous thriller, Ghost Writer, both of which are top notch pieces of work. Polanski is still at the top of his game, so the idea of him taking on a political thriller like this is so intriguing. Toss in a crackerjack type bit of source narrative, and you have a film that can’t get here fast enough.

What do you think?

Source Variety