Rumor: Michael Fassbender May Be The Master Of Magnetism Or Unnamed Spider-Man Villain

Michael Fassbender has been on the brink of becoming a superstar in Hollywood. With straight up hits like “Inglourious Basterds” and yet to be released “Centurion“. You can read Ryan’s review of “Centurion” from SXSW. Not to mention 2006’s smash-hit “300“. Not only does he get the Hollywood treatment, he gets the indie art-house creditability as well. With two films in the Criterion Collection, Steve McQueen’s “Hunger” (which is the film we’ll be highlighting this next week) and the yet to be annouced, Andrea Arnold’s “Fish Tank“. Needless to say, Fassbender has had a hot 2009 and a promising 2010.

It is rumored that Matthew Vaughn, the director of the new “X-Men: First Class” has pursued Michael Fassbender to play the role of young super-villain Magneto. Magneto has been played in past X-Men films by the very regal Sir Ian McKellen. He may be pinned against James McAvoy who was cast in the role of young Professor Charles Xavier. Can Fassbender fill the shoes of Sir Ian McKellen in the Marvel Universe? And if so, could you see him as a young Gandolf in a possible Hobbit prequel?

He was also rumored to be pursued to play the villain in the new Spider-Man reboot. Any thoughts on which super-villain Michael Fassbender could possibly play?

Personally, I think these two Marvel reboots are obvious money grabs from FOX Studios. Might as well cash in before they lose the rights back to Marvel. Sounds like a good time to make a quick buck. In saying that, I do feel these films will suffer from the shear speed of how they are being made. All signs of these reboots point to failure. Could they possibly be as good as their originals or past films.

Michael Fassbender is a hot actor these days, both in star status and physique. He will be in four movies in 2010 including two this summer’s, “Jonah Hex” and “Centurion“. He certain does have the action and acting chops to be a Will Smith type of box office draw.

Source: ShowBix 411

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