Ryan’s Criterion Link Collection: Wednesday, November 5th 2014


Here are a handful of Criterion-related links, to start your day.

Official Criterion business

Criterion has once again teased The Apu Trilogy, and some upcoming Fellini (probably Satyricon)

There are now phantom pages for Michael Curtiz, Arthur Hiller, and Alan J. Pakula. (Thanks, CriterionForum)


Criterion On The Brain made it through the Zatoichi box set! 

This massive set represents the single biggest viewing challenge in the Criterion Collection to date. Twenty-five feature-length films, all with the same spine number. When it was announced, I felt a wave of resigned determination come over me. After all, I had just claimed victory in my Criterion battle, and had just three yet-to-be-released movies left before I had a clean slate. But here it was, nearly 40 hours of viewing time dumped on me in one fell swoop.


The Film Experience posted the first of a two-part look at the career of Jean-Claude Carrière

When Luis Buñuel asked producer Serge Silberman to find him a young French writer with whom he could collaborate on an adaptation of Diary of a Chambermaid, he was introduced to several screenwriters at the 1963 Cannes Film Festival. Carrière was the one who hit it off and went on to co-write the film with Buñuel. They partnered up together five more times after that: Belle de Jour, The Milky Way, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Phantom of Liberty and the surrealist master’s final film, That Obscure Object of Desire. Quite a streak!

Over at Variety, Justin Chang on “Why Godard’s ‘Goodbye to Language’ Demands a Wider 3D Release”

There are two equally stubborn realities at work here: (1) Relatively few arthouse exhibitors are equipped to screen movies in the stereoscopic format, and (2) “Goodbye to Language,” an intoxicating swirl of deep-focus imagery and eye-popping, mind-bending visual layers, would lose much of its potency if stripped of that format. This is a movie that demands to be seen in 3D or not at all.

Now available to stream on Netflix

  • Marco (Fists In The Pocket) Bellocchio’s Dormant Beauty (Bella addormentata)
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