Safety Not Guaranteed Duo Get New Gigs At Disney

After seeing their film Safety Not Guaranteed at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, no matter how much I deeply enjoyed the film (it stood in my top 10 of 2012 until fall rolled around), the last thing that would have come to mind is their chances of becoming something of a juggernaut following the film’s release.

Disney has apparently taken a liking to the pair of director Coloin Trevorrow and writer Derek Connolly, offering both of them two of their biggest projects in production. Trevorrow, after being rumored as a potential helmer for their upcoming seventh Star Wars film, has taken their massively anticipated remake of Flight Of The Navigator, and Connolly is being handed the reins to the upcoming animated film for Pixar.

The project has yet to be titled, but what we do know is that Teddy Newton will helm the picture. Newton is best known for being one of Brad Bird’s right hand men on projects like The Incredibles, and he also was a designer on Bird’s The Iron Giant. Personally, both projects are exciting, but one has to believe that Trevorrow is going to become one of Disney’s go-to live action directors. He was rumored to be Lucas’ choice for the next SW film, but after Disney balked, they appear to be giving them the next best thing. And Connolly at Pixar is absolutely thrilling. Here’s to hoping these are two marriages that don’t have an end in the near future.

Source Variety / Variety

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