San Francisco’s Castro Theatre To Screen Several Charlie Chaplin Films This September Thanks To Janus Films

With Charlie Chaplin’s first step into the Criterion Collection looming on the horizon, it looks like the legendary silent film star is having a sort of renaissance with the public.

After his filmography was picked up by the geniuses over at Janus Films, the company have been on a tear bringing their traveling series of films throughout the country. Next on their trip, the Castro Theater.

Saturday, Sept.18, 2010The Circus (1928, 72 min.), The Idle Class (1921, 32 min.), and A Day’s Pleasure (1919, 19 min.), with an introduction by Glen David Gold, author of the bestselling Chaplin inspired novel Sunnyside.

Sunday, Sept.19, 2010 ‘“ City Lights (1931, 87 min.), A Dog’s Life (1918, 33 min.), and Sunnyside (1919, 30 min.)

Monday, Sept.20, 2010Modern Times (1936, 87 min.) and Pay Day ( 1922, 22 min.)

Tuesday, Sept.21, 2010 ‘“ The Great Dictator (1940, 124 min.) and The Kid (1921, 54 min.)

Wednesday, Sept.22, 2010 ‘“ Limelight (1952, 137 min.) and Shoulder Arms (1918, 37 min.)

The theater will play home to the greatest hits collection this September, and will screen films ranging from The Great Dictator to Chaplin’s upcoming Criterion debut, Modern Times. Other films include The Circus, The Idle Class, A Day’s Pleasure, City Lights, A Dog’s Life, Sunnyside, Pay Day, The Kid, Limelight and Shoulder Arms.

Not to be outdone, the following month will see a release of a four disc, 34 film DVD set, called Chaplin At Keystone. The set will be released through Flicker Alley, and features the UCLA Film And Television restoration of Tillie’s Puncture Romance, as well as an excerpt from the recently discovered Chaplin Keystone Cop film, A Thief Catcher.

If there is one thing that brings joy to my life, it’s seeing Chaplin hitting with a new generation. The silent era has always been one that has seemed less than loved by those outside of the film world, and now, thanks to Janus and Criterion, it looks like people are really starting to get excited for new releases of these silent classics. I know I can’t wait to pick up my copy of Modern Times. How about you?

Check out the new Chaplin page on Janus’ website.

Source: Silent Film Festival Blog

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