Scorcese Produced Picasso Documentary Screens In New York

When thinking of dream pairings, the idea of Pablo Picasso and Martin Scorsese doesn’t even register in my brain it’s so bloody awesome.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the pairing may be together, finally at last.

The outlet notes that this weekend sees the opening of the new Martin Scorsese produced documentary, Picasso and Braque Go To The Movies, which premieres at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art this week.

The film was produced, narrated, and also features an appearance by Scorsese, who also joins the likes of Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, and Eric Fischl on screen as they talk about just how artists like Picasso have affected them. The film contains clips from roughly 125 films ranging in date from 1902 to 1914, and parallels the ever changing genre of art known as Cubism, with the growth of cinema in that same time period. Picasso and Braque is directed by Arne Glimcher, and features clips from films made my Auguste and Louis Lumiere as well as the legendary Georges Melies.

Not only is this film the perfect pairing between art, and the art house, but it should also shine a light on a dynamic, between cubism and cinema, that hasn’t ever really been discussed, at least in this extent. Hopefully this one will be able to make its way out of the art house, and onto DVD, as this is one film I’d really love to check out.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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