Sean Penn Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice


Another day, another Inherent Vice casting reveal.

Cigarettes And Red Vines has nabbed up an exclusive revealing that one Sean Penn is eyeing a role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film, joining the likes of Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Martin Short and Jena Malone, all opposite the long-attached Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role of a private investigator in ‘70s LA.

Personally, while Penn is an abrasive figure outside of the cinemas, he’s consistently been one of the more interesting screen actors around, able to jump from a film like Tree Of Life to The Gangster Squad without blinking a damn eye. Apparently he’ll be taking on the role of Adrian Prussia from the Thomas Pychon novel, a loan shark, so this sounds like yet another interesting role for an actor who has been chomping at the bit to work with Anderson, once even being attached to a film like Punch Drunk Love. Hopefully this can live up to this amazing cast.

Source Cigarettes And Red Vines

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